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I requested a domain transfer from GoDaddy to another domain hosting site, 11/25/17. I went through all the steps of making my information public, received all needed codes and approved what I needed on my end through GoDaddy and entered all the information with the new host and it was all processing what I thought smoothly.

My domain with GoDaddy was set to expire 12/8/17. Transfer wasn't suppose to take more than 7-10 days. I continued to use my domain with no issues whatsoever figuring all was well. Then I received an email this evening 12/9/2017 from my new domain host saying they we're sorry, but they were unable to transfer my domain from godaddy that it was cancelled.

Due to either bad authorization code or I did not approve the transfer on GoDaddy's end. I found this all quite strange since I did all the needed steps previously. I called GoDaddy customer support and explained the issues I was having transferring my domain. The girl explained that she didn't understand why it took so long on my new domain hosts end to make me aware that it was unable to transfer.

That GoDaddy had sent me a transfer cancellation email on the 26th. And that now because my domain was expired that I would have to pay for another domain year with GoDaddy to then transfer to the new host. I checked back in all my emails including spam {I have never had an issue receiving their emails before} and did not find any notifications. I received 2 advertisement emails that day from them with 40% coupon codes and black Friday deals.

Feeling as though I was being duped I asked to speak to a supervisor. After a few minutes of being on hold I was then transferred to Thomas who tried to tell me the exact same thing, that they were going to need me to renew with them for a whole year before I could transfer due to it being expired. That they see on their end the sent me notification of this and they'll be happy to help me transfer when I want to renew my domain with them. I find it highly suspicious that this happened in the order it did with my domain expiration.

I also find it hard to believe that the only email that failed to reach my inbox was GoDaddy's apparent notification of them cancelling my transfer. I feel as though on their end they held back process of transfer to the new domain host in order to get me to pay for another year with them.

I want my domain for my business to be put back in operational standing so I am able to successfully transfer to my new domain host as I was expecting. I do not feel as though it is right for me to pay for another year with them as I started this domain transfer progress with enough time to get it successfully done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Godaddy Web Hosting.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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