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I was transferred to Amy for assistance with my domain and Gsuite account. From the beginning of the conversation she was extremely rude huffing and puffing as if I was inconveniencing her when I would ask questions to get a better understanding of what was going on with my account after given 3 different reasons as to why my website wasn't visible online.

Amy then told me I would have to pay a restore fee of $70 in order to get my website back or i would have to rebuild the entire website again,i asked her why would i have to pay $70 to restore something i pay 11.99 a month for if i had no clue there was a payment issue ... after she got smart with me by telling me it was a payment issue and if I knew I got a new card why didn’t I update it in their system,they sent me multiple emails about it. I then expressed my dislike for the disrespect of her chastising me about updating my card info when this account is one of many that I haven’t got the chance to update and then let her know I never received an email and didn’t understand why she was frustrated because I’m trying to understand what is going on with my account. She then began to argue with me about GoDaddy sending multiple emails I explained to her for the 10th time that I did not receive any emails from GoDaddy about a payment issue.

She then told me that my emails have been pinging back to them, which verified I had not received any email about payment. Amy then told me I would still have to pay the $70 dollars at this point she was being VERY nasty on the phone talking to me as if I were a child, so I asked to speak to a supervisor I was placed on hold and when she came back to the phone she stated her supervisor was unavailable due to a meeting and I can call back or wait for a call back from him. I stated I would like to call back because I didn’t believe she was sending any of my info to her supervisor. I then asked for her supervisors name she then tells me she isn’t allowed to give his name out so I asked her which policy was that and that he is her supervisor how would I know who to talk to I made her aware that I am the corporate manager of one of the largest accountant firms on the east coast and in no way would I ever tell my staff to not give a client who is paying us for a service my first name in order for them to talk to me about their issues so that we can get them rectified.

She then tells me it isn’t a policy SHE isn’t giving his name because I can look him up on Facebook !?? I understand this is 2019, but this is by far the stupidest excuse I ever heard in my life and so unacceptable! I then explained to her GoDaddy is a company that she and her supervisor are representing I need both their first names she then told me her name was Amy and her supervisors name was Zach. I have no clue how true this is but I indeed would still like to speak to Zach the supervisor about the disrespect, unprofessionalism and rude behavior I experienced from Amy …especially after calling back an being directed to another rep by the name of Steven who was amazing and was able to get my account restored in a matter of minutes after informing me he has no idea why I was told I had to pay a restore fee , when due to the type of account I have I was not at liberty of paying anything but the $11.99 I pay per the month.

So, I would like to know where my money was going and what I was being charged $70.00 for, I have been with GoDaddy for 2 years and this is by far the WORSE experience I’ve ever had! After dealing with Amy, I was calling back to have my domain released to take my business elsewhere if Steven had not picked up my file godaddy would have lost a customer!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

GoDaddy Pros: Pricing.

GoDaddy Cons: Poor call center agent answering phones, Liars regarding pricing.

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