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They are disgusting.I have had this number for 20 years - never, ever, ever received random calls until I registered for a domain with GoDaddy.

They request additional money to "protect" your account information. If they don't get it - they just sell your information to EVERYONE. They have sold my personal information to everyone. I get fraud calls from all over the country re people wanting to sell me things...

or people saying they received a claim with my name on it for thousands of dollars and I need to call them back immediately. It's all fraud and fear tactics.

It's all insane lies in the hopes of selling more *** to the customer.What a horrible company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4509.


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I agree!!!I just added 2 more domains and can't believe the calls and emails about building a website, new logo, etc etc from scammers!!!

I called GoDaddy support and they told me I could buy a privacy add-on for $8 a year. They said it was not in their control. BULL!!! If I gave away my customers' emails, phone numbers, etc...I would get hit with unfair business practices, devulging private customer information...and loosing customers!

I refuse to pay a blackmail of $8 a year per domain so I guess I've got to live with it until the scammers stop emailing or I finally block them all!VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

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