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I have been receiving and reporting spam described below. godaddy used to respond promptly some years ago. Now godaddy is competing with Spam Service Providers. always had zero percent tolerance for Spam.

Since inception of internet Amazon spam could never be reported or stopped in any manner. and may please be banned from Domain and Hosting sevices. Regards Dr K Chaudhry Kraftly - A Perpetual Hardcore Spammer Pumped spam emails forwarded to ALL Police officers in Delhi. BEWARE OF KRAFTLY :- RECORDED AUTORESPONDER AT 02:37 PM - We are closed at present.

Please dial during a working hour. They purport to be a Shopping Portal competing well with Amazon and Flipkart. Their chat keeps looping back with Neha only parroting - no input field for you to type. Their signup form has some dozen Books Categories.

After you waste time in completing signup,, they tell - SORRY WE DON'T SELL BOOKS Then they keep pumping emails and phone calls. You signup as another company, after COMPLETE signup, they tell - SORRY WE DON'T SELL LABORATORY EQUIPMENT. You request removal of accounts. You continue to receive DOZEN Emails/Calls a day from Priyanka, Shalini, Neha, Khurana - all promising 3 million customers for your products.

You lodge Spam reports with copies to police. No impact on these ULLOO KE PATHE, KUTTE, KAMEENE, HURRAAMZADE. OK, you agree to sell garments and shoes. WITH YOUR CONSENT your ad is flashed to all your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram.

No possibility of sale. Your friends get annoyed and desert you. After you send a hundred protest emails, you receive a phone call - Aap apna issue bataaeeye. They can't read the issue in your emails because Kraftly comprises a tem of born DUFFERS.

26:10:2017 Despite posting extensively across social sites for a week, I received spam emails today, yesterday, and day before. 9266623005 - In case you can spare some moments, please dial this mobile number and shower filthiest abuses. 26:10:2017 ZEN REGISTRY - YOU PROMISED TO SUSPEND Today THREE Spam Emails SO FAR Recipients of this report include ALL Delhi Police Officers. Just review tonnes of complaint on internets : THEY ARE DUPING PEOPLE They removed COMMENT and MESSAGE links from Facebook page.

27:10:2017 Today TWENTY Spam Emails SO FAR Received phone call - Aap ka issue Kya hai? Aap me se jisko ooper ka issue nahin samajh aaya haath khadaa kare.

28:10:2017 Neha emails - Now Accept Orders 24*7 with Our App! 01:11:2017 Email : Shortlist these 02:11:2017 Email : Aim for these 03:11:2007 Email : Trendy additions 04:11:2007 Email : Feeling Love struck 05:11:2017 Email: Cuteness Overloaded 06:11:2017 Email : Give yourself and your home makeover 07:11:2017 Email : Fab feet [TWO MESSAGES]

Reason of review: 100% Spam tolerance.

Preferred solution: Godaddy should be banned from Domain/hosting services.

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