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The evidence following speaks for itself really. Godaddy is a scam organisation and is running extortion schemes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

GoDaddy Cons: Every single second of dealing with them in any respect.

  • Trademark bullying
  • Go Daddy Down
  • Beware Of Godaddy
  • Godaddy Fat Shaming Customer
  • Godaddy Charges
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I totally agree with this complaint. Why is it that host servers like GoDaddy and Network Solutions screw their clients and think people are stupid?

People know when they are being screwed. My advice to everyone who is be hacked by their own server is keep moving forward, try a new server, see who owns the new server, read their reviews, and get the cheapist one you can find.

These host servers are not trustworthy and they don't appreciate our business. I say move on screw them!


I never used Go Daddy but since they have such an awesome sounding name for their company they must be good:)

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