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i wanted to purchase a domain name that was already registered but not being used. on godaddy site "*******.com is taken. Still want it? Here's what you do." i clicked on the link and purchased the domain buy service at a cost of £50. at no point in the process of me purchasing and processing payment did it state that more money would be required as really it was an auction! the first i knew was when GD sent me an email asking how much i wanted to bid for the domain name. i requested a refund via chat and stated it was because i was not aware of the above. two different agents told me i would get a refund. 2 weeks later and still no refund. when asking for complaint to be escalated, contact details for manager to forward to trading standards i was given the following answers and then the agent hung up on me!!


• you -

i purchased domain name service, requested a refund as it did not state when i was purchasing that it required me to bid. i have been told that a refund will be given, i have requested for a refund date but as of yet i have not had a refund or a date. ive contacted domainbuy@godaddy.com email but had no response

• Jonathan -

when were you told a refund was being processed?

• you -

on the 8th and also on a later date

• you -

i think i might have to contact trading standard as no where in the process of the purchase or check out was i made aware that this was an action

• Jonathan -

I see the Domain Buy Service was purchased, which you bought online. I also see the service was already performed, therefore it is not refundable.

• Jonathan -

this is not an auction, it is Domain Buy Service. that is where we contact the owner, see if they want to sell, and broker the sale.

• you -

no service was performed. i had an email asking me how much i wanted to bid. thats the first time i was aware i had to bid and requested a refund right away

• you -

please can u give me contact details of manager name and number that department so i can forward to trading standards. clearly you withheld information regarding this service and that more fees were required to obtain the domain name

• Jonathan -

there was nothing withheld, the Terms of Service where easily accessible and viewable prior to checkout. We are also 24/7 if there were any questions prior to purchase (lies **T&CS say nothing about bidding or auction to obtain the domain name)

• you -

also no service has been provided as the only thing done was sending me an email to ask how much more i want to spend, as i didnt reply then no service has been performed or are u saying i just paid £50 for u to send me an email asking for more money??

• Jonathan -

I certainly can. as the fee is for the SERVICE, not the domain, as you are trying to purchase a domain from the owner.

• Jonathan -

all of our legal agreements are located here **SIDE NOTE - (t&cs do not state anything about bidding or offering more money to obtain the domain)

• you -

again no service has been provided

• Jonathan -

I'm sorry you feel that way, a supervisor has already declined the refund, there is nothing more I have the ability to do

• you -

please can i have the supervisor name who refused refund to pass to trading standards

• Jonathan -

I am not permitted to give out that information.

• Jonathan -

since we have thoroughly covered the issue from 1-2 weeks ago, and the information has been relayed a few times, will there be any other items I can assist you with?

• you -

yes, contact details of manager for trading standards. email and or phone number will do, dont have to give names. also i wish to raise a complaint against the chat agents who confirmed i would be getting a refund

• Jonathan -

since that is not something I can provide, as explained above, and there are no additional issues needing to be addressed, thank you for your time

• Jonathan -

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Scammed me, Ripped me off, Took my money, Didnt provide service, Promised refund.

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Manh DN

OMG, unfortunately, I have just paid $70 for this stupid service (that takes $70 for just sending an email ). This is not clear at all.

It offered me 70usd that I thought it is the price for the domain name. I know it is my mistake but many people will make the mistake like me so it means GD tried to mislead people to pay this stupid money.

Now I receive the email requires to provide a bid price, I will try but no hope. Will come back here after 1 month as the deadline of the negotiation.


The GoDaddy Domain Buy Service is a total scam in my opinion where the owner of the target domain gives an off the wall price with no foundation in any realistic market value. The terms for this service are highly unclear and then you will be told that there is an additional 20% commission added onto the cost which exceeds the market value by 10k%+. I recommend skipping this services at all costs unless you want to lose the $70 to come to the same conclusion.

to Keith #1578515

i encounter same thing. it doesn't describe buyer has to pay more money for the domain.

really tricky. i sent 2 emails ask them to cancel and refund.

they never replied. looks like a scam.


Look, you guys want to be unhappy because you misread or didn't understand what the service is? Go ahead, but in the end your lack of comprehension over what this is doesn't make it a scam.

Someone ELSE owns the domain name. You COULD try to contact them directly via a WHOIS search of the domain, but instead used GoDaddy as a broker to do it for you. They asked how much you'd be willing to pay and either it was too much, or maybe the owner wasn't willing to sell. GoDaddy however did exactly what they said they were going to do.

That $ cost doesn't entitle you to the domain, just that GoDaddy would try to get it for you and there WOULD be additional fees involved. Another instance of people not reading or doing basic research and then whining when they don't get their way

to Guy #1564536

I generally agree with you however I do see a direct conflict of interest in their business model. GoDaddy is paid a commission on the purchase price of the domain.

It clearly behooves GoDaddy to pay more for the domain in order to increase their commission. I do not see how they can honestly advocate for the customer in this arrangement.


I wish I saw this before purchasing.After purchasing I received a thank you email which had a link to set my price range. After that, nothing.

Not a single piece of communication via email or phone. I went back to that email after a couple months to click on the link again and saw the status changed to domain owner contacted. So I figured progress is being made, great. Well I wait another couple months and the status remained the same.

So I waiting a couple months again (6 months in total from purchase) and the status said negotiations unsuccessful (closed).During this entire process not a single call, email, or status to notify me of anything such as seller wants more money, seller refuses to sell or otherwise. Zero knowledge gained but GoDaddy is up $70 and I'm down that amount.I'm thinking its just a scam.


Same exact thing happened to me. Unbelievably mis leading I'm going to try and take this further to tradiing standards an absolute scam !!!


I really hate go daddy they LIE about products and about prices.


Happened to me. Paid for a domain, nothing happened, I've asked for a refund and they've replied that they don't do refunds for Domain Buy Service. Basically, I've paid £50 for nothing.

What's stopping anyone for creating fraudulent website offering services that leads to nothing, and then just say "Ooops, sorry, we offer no refunds".

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