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Hi, My customer id - 133794489 I have vps hosting 3gp windows server ,4 domain and mail with godaddy. I paid upto one year for the mentioned above. Server/Plesk panel/domain are not working around 4 days. They didn't inform anything about server down details as well as not response properly. so many times i called godaddy. Please rectify server issue immediately and you have take long time for server down. I want to know the status immediately.... Read more

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never use godaddy hosting for wordpress. all we require in wordpress are plugins but they have disabled some plugins. i wonder they have disabled the most important plugin which is w3 total cache. they claim that their caching plugin is better. godaddy sucks. few days back they disabled my w3 total cache claiming that their cache is far more better. this led to huge decrease in my page speed all i want to say is that godaddy wordpress hosting... Read more

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Is Go Daddy Too Big to Fail? I say yes. As a client of “Go Daddy” since 2000, they have failed me. With the size of their company, many departments to which they can pass the buck and their flock of attorneys, they can’t fail but I, the small business owner, can’t win. Even though they created a situation that resulted in my complete loss of presence on the internet, they met my complaint with gross indifference. Through our own negligence,... Read more

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I contacted my CC card company last month because I had been charged for unrequested services totaling $141. I disputed it with the CC company and was immediately credited. I was told Go Daddy would have to contact them and give a rebuttal. Go Daddy sent me an email telling me that the account had be cancelled and that they had refunded the $141. My website was gone that fast! All that work right out the door! TODAY I FIND OUT THEY HAVE... Read more

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Once again our websites are down do to Godaddy and their incompetence. Our websites are our life blood and these assh@les do not care about anything except collecting their hosting fees. Their hosting platform is out of date, slow, a hackers dream and very unreliable. They never contact you to tell you your site is down. They never offer any kind of apology for their screw ups and never admit that they are the problem. If you want reliability in... Read more

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I have dealt with GoDaady as a registrar for many years and held them in highest esteem until I decided to use them to host my site when my nightmare began. I am a software developer and an intranetwork engineer and have been in my profession for the last 26 years. 1. Security Warning I started with a shared windows hosting ($9.99 / month) on June 16 2016 and soon realized that their .net offering was not upto date as they claimed. My apps... Read more

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Godaddy are thieves. They hijacked my domain name and the whois is definitely registered to them. I wrote an article over a year ago snd the person assumed i already had a domain name. Well this resulted in traffic to said domain name. A@@hats!

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the terminology used at Godaddy is just bad. I needed to revoke and redo a new certificate signing request for a website we are doing. The SSL still had 6 months left to run. I'm more used to using Comodo rater then Godaddy (Thought I would give them a go) On comodo when you revoke a cert, you can then re-issue to a different server with a new Certificate Signing request. GoDaddy is different on this Revoke, means permanently delete the SSL. No... Read more

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Godaddy - Simple hosting package enquiry... MORE confused now!
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A product expert will be with you soon. Position in *** is 1. Thank you for your patience. You are now chatting with 'Kyle' you - Hi Kyle, you - I'm looking to move my sites from iPage to Godaddy you - Some are HTML-based, some are Wordpress - what's the best hosting plan - I have approx. 10 sites I'm hosting you - ? Kyle - Alright, with that I would suggest using our ultimate hosting plan, or if they are large websites, a VPS you - ... Read more

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For the last 1.5 months ,I am calling when I will get my check of Rs 11,124, EVERY TIME UR CUSTOMER CARE SAY IT WILL TAKE ANOTHER 5-7 WEEKS.even they donot know anything but keep on long hold and come back with nothing,just beating the Bush. BUT NOW 5-7 WEEKS ARE OVER ,AND I STILL DONOT EVEN HAVE TRACKING NUMBER NOR THE STATUS OF THE CHECK WHICH IS COMING FROM USA. It is giving me bad experience regarding your godaddy website ,and if I donot... Read more

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